Monday, 22 March 2010


Your body is not only a temple, it is a dashboard. You body is actually more of a jet plane instrument panel. Whenever there is anything wrong with your life, one of the seven guages along your spine will act up. In this case, if you have lower back problems or reproductive organ issues this is your body's way of screaming that your spiritual and sexual reproduction power is doing a nose dive.
Have you noticed that when you have the highest libido, you also have the highest creativity? Physical reproductive power is simply an external manifestation of your internal spiritual reproductive power. Why do you think Monet, Van Gogh, Hemingway, Clinton, and other creative geniuses all had young fertile muses? - To inspire their sex chakra, of course.
This is where your body and a jet fighter plane stop looking similar. If you manually force the gauge in a jet to say you are at the right altitude, your jet will not automatically ascend. Your body however, will. If you correct the lowerback pain by infusing chi or prana to your hips and lower back, the spiritual energy will also fuel your sexual reproduction, financial reproduction, relationship reproduction, and product-service reproduction.
If this sounds a little too granola crunching, Berkenstock wearing, froo froo to you, let your mind creak open a bit. Don't you always feel better after a run? Don't you always feel more restlessly creative when you are randy, horney, or frisky? Are there not sounds, words, carresses, and memories that get you in that mood? The sex chakra yoga asana does exactly that. Gurudeep Kaur's Sex Chakra Yoga Asana Series directly energizes your reproductive energy centers and has for 50,000 years of vedic alchemy.
In the same way that all the nerve endings from the base of your spine communicate and send energy to your sexual organs, energizing your sex chakra rejuvinates all the organs in the same area. Opening up the hips and holding energizing positions for several minutes sends prana or chi to all the nerves in the base of your spine and these nerves bring to life your uterus, testes, prostate, and ovaries. Beautifully, once your second chakra is energized, making babies will no longer be a chore. Baby making will be just one more channel your creative expression. Your sexual creativity should be as explosive as a gyser or volcano.
The other physical manifestations of a weak second chakra include weak relationships. Do you find that no one invites you to their home for dinner? Do you find that no one remembers to invite you to birthdays or other parties? If you are a woman, most women have stronger second chakras than men (they must as this energy is used to create a new human body), so your questions must be lifted. As a woman, do you find that no one asks you for counsel? Do you find that no one respects your opinion? Do you have a hard time getting people to see your perspective and agree with you? These are some signs of a weak sex chakra.
Without getting too deep or esoteric and mystical on you, Taoists and all Certified Accupuncturists know that there are 8 psychic channels. One of these is the belt channel that runs where you would imagine it to run. It looks like a hoola hoop around your uterus or prostate. This is the same ring of energy that you use to loop around someone you are talking with.
If your belt energy channel was strong, you could lassoo together all the people in a room to agree with you. This is why the Dalai Lama can walk in a room and all you feel is peace. This is why David Koresh can tell his followers to kill themselves and make it sound to you like the best idea all day. This is why Bill Gates can walk into a board room and make everyone agree that the buggy, slow, virus festering Microsoft Operating System should be the standard for all computers and programs and handhelds globally.
If you have a hard time keeping appointments, if you have a hard time keeping promises, if you have a hard time pushing through on your ideas and following through, if you have a hard time reproducing a growing paycheck, if you have a hard time reproducing promotions, if you have a hard time reproducing successes over and over again, you will be amazed what happens when you strengthen your sacral (sex) chakra.
Imagine having the creativity you did as a teen in puberty. Imagine having the energy and drive of Steve Jobs, Brad Pitt, Mother Teresa, Nicole Kidman, or anyone else who continuously reproduces success after success after success without tiring. How much beauty could you create? How much joy could you bring to your life and the life of your family and loved ones.
There is a hidden truth about your second chakra that makes it even more crucial that you infuse it with energy. The second chakra is called the Dan Tien or Dahn Juhn in Taoism. This is where the energy for your entire body is kept. But it's not just energy for your body, it is energy for your mind, and spirit. If your Dahn Juhn is strong, you will rapidly heal illnesses in your body and those of others. If your Dahn Juhn is strong, you will live on the border of immortality. I could tell you more but to most of you, it would sound like old superstition. But let it be known that when ever I've personally spoken to a man of woman over 120 years old, they tell me it's because they have a fiery Dahn Juhn.
Bolt on a nuclear reactor to your Dahn Juhn, aka Sacral Sex Chakra. Rush a flood of creative energy into your reproduction of money, health, relationships, and babies.


  1. I believed that sex is the most important thing that a person must preserve, especially to couples because sex is full of love, it will make couple stay together. But how could you be happy if you have a low libido? I guess you need to consult an expert for immediate action.

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