Sunday, 21 March 2010

Francis Bacon

Everyone falls in love at some point of their live, but love doesn't always fall in the way everyone wants. Love is not always at everyone's expectations. There are ups and downs during a relationship, and some just do whatever they can to bring up their relationship. That's what they called "blinded by love." Love is a very powerful emotion and sometimes it can cause people to be depressed. Most depressed people don't love themselves and they don't feel loved by others therefore leading them to do something crazy. It's true what Bacon says in his essay "Of Love", "therefore it was well said that 'it is impossible to love and to be wise.'" When someone is in love, all they see is the one they love. They try to do everything for them in order to keep peace between them. Wyatt's poems, Bacon's essay "Of Love", and the article "The Power of Love" supports the idea.
In Bacon's essay, he says that love takes a much more important role than life does itself. Sometimes it's like a comedy and sometimes a tragedy. Being in love is a feeling that defies the nature and value of things and there was never a proud man that thought so meaninglessly well of himself as the lover has of the person he or she loved. He quotes that "it is impossible to love and to be wise." This is a type of weakness only appears to the others but not to the one being loved because sometimes those others don't realize that their love isn't being returned. There's this secret emotion towards love of others that if not spent on someone, it will spread towards many and make man become civilized and generous.

Description of the Contrarious Passions in a Lover" the whole sonnet talks about his feelings in contrast words kind of like he's going through depression. In line 3 he says "I fly aloft, yet can I not arise;" he's being all depressed that he can't rise up when he can fly. He doesn't know what to do in the poem "I wish to perish, yet I ask for health;"
Most lovers get the idea of love from a popular culture, but the pop-culture ideal of love have unrealistic images for entertainment which leads people to become upset. People get demanding and controlling at times in a relationship because they want what they think of the ideal of romance should be without realizing what it really is. In order to love someone and to be loved, that person needs to realize the difference between limerance, "a psychological state of deep infatuation", and love. They also need to learn the difference between two people and understand where the other person is coming from. "Focus on the other person. Rather than focus on what you are getting and how you are being treated, read your partner's need." This way it shows that the person isn't selfish and he or she cares about the other person.
All in all when a person is in love, it's hard to be wise at the same time. Peoples do things for love, some end up regretting what they've done. At the end if they think about it, it's worth it because they've done it for their loved one and they've remained faithful. Love can lead to depression and it's important not to be selfish. Thinking in another person's point of view and helping others can avoid depression.

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