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In the folk magic of virtually every culture there are spells that make use of all of our bodily effluvia and detritus, including the amniotic sac (caul) of a baby, spit, semen, tears, urine, feces, head hair, pubic hair, and nail clippings. However, due to taboos surrounding menstrual blood, semen, and urine in some urban cultures, the use of these particular body fluids in spell-casting can be problematic for those unfamiliar with the larger history of folk magic. In light of the universality of bodily effluvia and detritus as tools of magic, the singling out of menstrual blood, urine, and semen is most rationally approached on the basis of their intended effect (generally spells of sex and love) than on the basis of their origin (human bodies).
The frankest discussions of the uses of these substances in magic will be found in ethnological treatises on folk-magic; the "ceremonial high magicians" of the late Victorian era (including Aleister Crowley and his cohorts) were too prudish to deal with this matter as anything other than an antinomian and rule-breaking rite. They found it exhilarating in proportion to the degree to which they judged it to be daring, provocative, and naughty -- and their 20th and 21st century followers have continued in the same vein, especially as the possibility of blood-born and sexually-transmitted diseases has made working with these substances seem dangerous. In folk-magic, on the other hand, menstrual blood, semen, and urine are straightforward tools of spell-casting and the knowledge of how to deploy them is routinely passed from one family member to another.
In the African-American hoodoo tradition, as well as in Sicilian folk-magic, menstrual blood served to a man in his coffee or tea is a sovereign recipe for capturing his sexual attention. No ritual, prayer, or invocation is necessary; you simply add some menstrual blood to the man's coffee or tea. The idea is to get your scent into the beloved's sphere of consciousness. This is nothing more or less than pheromone-magic, and as such it partakes of biology as much as it does of occultism. My Sicilian grandmother believed in its efficacy completely.
I have done this often, with uniformly good results. I have directly fed gobbets of menstruum to my lover, from my fingers, as one might feed a pet. This was done to bind him, but to avoid the sneakiness of slipping it into his drinks -- i want him to KNOW how much i want him to be mine, and to know that i am working the spell on him right out in the open. (As the old slogan for the Steak-and-Shake drive-in chain reads: "In sight -- it must be right!")
Women who are not menstruating due to pregnancy or breast-feeding, who have had surgery that terminated their cycles, or who are past the change obviously do not have menstrual fluid to use in sex-spells. Their best alternative is to use vaginal fluids gathered after masturbation during the full moon. In hoodoo and Sicilian folk-magic, vaginal fluids make a good substitute for menstrual blood in coffee or tea love spells.
I have used menstrual blood or vaginal fluids with equal success when anointing idols (statues of deities), amulets, and curios -- for instance, when dressing lodestones in spells for sexual attraction and bonding.
In European -- especially Italian -- folk magic, as well as in hoodoo, urine is occasionally used in women's coffee and tea love spells, as a quick substitute for menstrual blood, when the intention is to tie or bind a lover. Men also can put urine in a drink to tie a woman, although this is not mentioned so commonly.
In hoodoo, one of the oldest traditions is for a male gambler to have a female lover urinate on his mojo bag or lucky hand while he is at play. If the gambler and his partner can retire to an alley to perform the act while the game is in progress, so much the better. This is called "feeding the mojo," and the use of the word "feed" is, of course an indicative link to African magico-religious thought, from whence this custom derives. (Lodestones are also "fed" in hoodoo -- with magnetic sand.) Women players rarely ask a man to urinate on their mojo hands, so, for whatever reason, it is female urine that is considered lucky in this case.
Urine can be a vulnerable spot in a man or woman's periphery. An enemy who gets your "water" can cause grave damage to you by stopping it up in a bottle with red pepper and Graveyard Dirt. The result will be urinary tract problems, ranging from cystitis and nephritis to prostatitis and kidney stones. The only way to take off such a condition is to find the bottle and destroy it, letting the urine run out into a fire.
Conversely, urine has its strengths -- a man can use his own urination to cure a case of impotence that was put on him through magic.
Men can make use of their sexual fluids in love spells. Josh Geller ( gave this simple formula for an orgasmic spell utilizing semen:
Masturbate to orgasm and preserve the resultant fluids. You should be concentrating on your desired result at the point of orgasm. Take some of the resultant fluids and insinuate a bit of them into the food or drink of your prospective victim.
For every man who uses his semen to attract a woman, however, there are probably a hundred women who capture a man's semen to rule and control him or to keep him faithful. The most popular way to do this in hoodoo is by making a knot-spell on the man and keeping it tied up in a nation sack. For this purpose, the semen can be fresh or gathered from a discarded condom -- or even stored in the freezer until needed. Most of the rootworkers who have told me about how to capture semen have noted that it is important that the woman not have an orgasm when capturing semen, because then she might get "mixed up in the spell," and fall victim to her own conjurations. "Hold yourself aloof," was how one woman put it to me. "Don't let yourself get mixed into it when you collect his stuff."
Karezza is a sexual-metaphysical system in which heightened states of spirituality are believed to occur if both partners become highly aroused but hold back from having orgasms. However, even in the most ascetic forms of karezza, intercourse during menstruation -- not involving blood per se, but taking advantage of the woman's typically increased level of desire at that point in her cycle -- is perceived as a "rite" in the mystical sense. One karezza writer, John William Lloyd, who advocated abstinence from orgasm, declared that during "the woman's time of great desire" (e.g. at the outset of her period) she should be allowed to have all the orgasms she wants and that the man should go along with her and come too. So Lloyd recognized the menstrual period as qualitatively different from the rest of the woman's cycle, in terms of the performance of a spiritual sex act.
The use of urine or menstrual blood in witchcraft, stregha, hoodoo, and other forms of folk-magic is a codification and amplification of the natural biological process by which a female attracts a male. Note that in token of this, urine/menstrual blood magic is almost always a subset of love or lust magic.
Some people think of urine as a "territory marker," equating its magical deployment to the way that male dogs and other carnivores use it to drive off male rivals, and so they don't appreciate the fact that a lot of the urine magic encountered in folklore involves WOMEN'S urine, not men's. However, the basis for the utilization of urine in women's sex-attracting spells makes ready sense to anyone who has ever raised goats -- because smelling and even tasting the urine of a doe goat is the prime way that a buck goat has for determining the female's readiness for mating. This is true of many other mammals as well.
Are humans more like dogs (males using their urine to drive off rivals) or like goats (males tasting female urine to assess readiness to mate)? Well, here's a clue: in humans, there is a notable difference between the sexes in regard to the body parts they sniff to get a whiff of attractant pheromones. Just as female humans are attracted to male underarm scents (rich in androstenone) so are male humans attracted to female vaginal scents, a complex compound of uterine menstruum, vaginal secretions, and lingering urine odors known collectively as "copulins." The composition of these copulins changes throughout the woman's monthly cycle, but they are basically attractants for males, not territory markers. They may function as territory markers to other females, of course.
Because men are thought to be so susceptible to the magical deployment of women's menstrual blood, vaginal fluids, and urine, in some cultures they are taught to avoid eating anything served to them by an unmarried woman which might contain these bodily fluids. It is common for a man to refuse or only warily accept dark-coloured beverages like coffee or tea or foods with brown or red sauces such as barbeque, lasagna, or spaghetti from a woman.
Some folks believe that the power of menstrual blood is inherent -- that is, it will work just the same whether it is deliberately added to foods or beverages as a magical act or ingested accidentally. For those who feel this way, any contact with menstrual blood may result in bewitchment. Nona C. Wright tells how this advice was passed along in her husband's family:
My late husband, who was African American, used to tell me his grandmother warned him never to indulge in oral sex with a woman during her period because it would make him bound to her for life. I always took it as his quirky sense that one could use menstrual blood in love spells. But in hindsight this seemed to be a very powerful thing to him as he swore he would never do it. To him it had to do with giving up his free choice to be with someone and somehow being under their power or control.
What can a man do if he suspects or knows that an unscrupulous woman is putting menstrual blood on him? What can a woman do if she suspects or knows that another woman is using that stuff on her man or on a male relative?
Well, you can't stop her if she's already done it, but to take the mess off you have a couple of choices:
1) A doctor can perform a purification on the man -- such as washing him in a bath of rue herb tea, smoking him with Uncrossing Incense, and then dressing him with Van Van Oil
3) If the man has been rendered impotent by the enemy woman, he can perform a specific spell of his own, such as drawing cross-marks on his penis for nine days or pissing into a red ants' nest to restore his manhood.
2) The man or a root doctor working on his behalf can get back at the enemy woman and reverse the spell by capturing some of her menstrual blood and laying a trick for her, such as stopping her blood up in a bottle with 9 pins, 9 needles, and 9 rusty nails, then hiding the bottle in a hollow tree where she will never find it. That'll serve her very well. She'll get "female trouble" and will have to leave that man alone.
I am often asked what a person can use for this type of rootwork if bodily fluids cannot be gotten. In descending order of strength, according to hoodoo folk magic, here is a list of substitute magical links:
Genital fluids: menstrual blood, semen, vaginal fluid Other biological concerns: urine, feces, sweat, blood, spit Hair: pubic, head, armpit, beard Person's unwashed clothing: underwear, socks, handkerchief Person's foot track lifted from the dirt "Shed" body items: nail clippings, baby teeth Person's handwriting on paper Something Person owned or wore Something Person touched, e.g. butt from smoked cigarette Photo of Person Drawing or silhouette of Person Person's business card Person's full name written on paper 9 times
These items can be used for good or for evil; all that is indicated here is the relative strength of the tokens that represent the person. In practice, they are often combined to increase their power. For example; you may get the person's business card and then write their name on the back 9 times, or you may get their handwriting on paper, write their name on the back 9 times, and fold the paper around a hair you stole from their comb or brush while you were using the bathroom in their house.
The following documentation on the use of body fluids in hoodoo spell-casting comes from "Hoodoo - Conjuration - Witchcraft - Rootwork," a 5-volume, 4766-page collection of folkloric material gathered by Harry Middleton Hyatt, primarily between 1935 and 1939. For a further documented series spells using salt in the German-American and African-American folk-magic traditions, see the page on Protection Spells. MAN'S SEMEN IN PILLOW CAUSES IMPOTENCE {TIES HIS NATURE}
3207. Well the other is, you can take hair from around your privates and use in a way, say a man or a woman, if she is running around and you are in love with her or something and you want to stop her. Say you use that {her public hair} to stop her.
(Do you know how they would use it?)
Take it -- you have to get it during intercourse see and get it and keep it to yourself. Take it and put this hair in a bottle and stop it up, and the other {menstrual blood} goes with it -- take a cloth or a rag, anything she uses. Take that and...
[Informant was so long trying to finish sentence, that I suggested:] (You carry it with you, is that the idea?)
No, you can stop her to make her stay where you are, have no connection with nobody but you...
[I stop machine and let him talk (see dots) and then attempt to summarize.] (By taking some of her private hair and a piece of her monthly cloth, and putting in in this bottle and stopping it up, and keeping it on your person. Wearing it.)
No, Sir, place it in a secret place right over the door there or anywhere you can hide it -- up over her, where she goes through.
(That will keep her from running around with men?)
[Fayetteville, N.Car., (1393), 2503:8.]
10273. He takes and give her his urine to drink unbeknownst to her, like in beer or wine, and she won't even look at another man, won't have any nature towards any other man. That urine keeps her mine [mind] on that one man, her husband, when he is gone away from her, on a visit or somepin.
[New Orleans, La., (809), 1139:6.]

10271. If a person got chew fixed so yo' ain't got no manhood wit churself, yo' jes' go an' make water into a red ant's nest. It will freshen right up ag'in. Ah've lost mah nature mahself dat way an' ah've gained it back dat way. Dat's true about dat.
[For more ants, see Nos. 3111-3112, p. 2342, v.3.]
[Waycross, Ga., (1145), 1869:6.]

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The Harry M. Hyatt material on this page was transcribed by Landa (
Ghusl: Obligatory Baths
There are seven obligatory baths:
Bath for Janabat
Bath for Hayz (for women only)
Bath for Nifas (for women only)
Bath for Istihaza (for women only)
Bath for touching a dead body
Bath for a dead body
Bath which becomes obligatory on account of a vow or an oath to perform it.
Rules Regarding Janabat
351. * A person enters the state of Janabat in two ways:
Sexual intercourse
Discharge of semen, while sleeping or when awake, little or more, with lust or otherwise, voluntarily or involuntarily.
352. When one cannot ascertain whether the fluid emitted from one's body is semen, urine or something else, it will be treated as semen if it is thrown out with lust and if the body is slackened. If all or some of these signs are not present the fluid will not be treated as semen. In the case of illness, the fluid may not come out with sudden swiftness and the body may not slacken; but if the emission takes place with lust, it will be treated as semen.
353. If a fluid emitted by a healthy person possesses one of the aforesaid three signs and he does not know whether or not it also possessed other signs, and if before the emission he was with wudhu he will content himself with that wudhu. And if he was not with wudhu, it would be sufficient for him to perform wudhu only, and Ghusl would not be necessary.
354. It is Mustahab that a person should urinate after the seminal discharge. If he did not urinate and an emission was seen after Ghusl, which could not been determined as semen or something else, it would be treated as semen.
355. If a person has sexual intercourse with a woman and the male organ enters either of the private parts of the woman up to the point of circumcision or more, both of them enter Janabat, regardless of whether they are adults or minors and whether ejaculation takes place or not.
356. If a person doubts whether or not his penis penetrated up to the point of circumcision, Ghusl will not become obligatory on him.
357. If (God forbid!) a person has sexual intercourse with an animal and ejaculates, Ghusl alone will be sufficient for him, and if he does not ejaculate and he was with wudhu at the time of committing the unnatural act even then Ghusl will be sufficient for him. However, if he was not with wudhu at that time, the obligatory precaution is that he should do Ghusl and also perform wudhu. And the same orders apply if one commits sodomy.
358. If movement of seminal fluid is felt but not emitted, or if a person doubts whether or not semen has been ejaculated, Ghusl will not be obligatory upon him.
359. A person who is unable to do Ghusl, but can perform tayammum is allowed to have sexual intercourse with his wife even after the time for daily prayers has set in.
360. If a person observes semen on his dress and knows that it is his own, and he has not done Ghusl on that account, he should do Ghusl, and repeat as Qadha all those prayers about which he is certain that he offered them after the discharge of semen. However, it is not necessary for him to repeat those prayers about which there is a probability that he might have offered them before the discharge of semen.
Forbidden Acts for those in Janabat
361. * The following five things are Haraam for junub:
To touch with any part of one's body the script of the holy Qur'an or the Name of Almighty Allah in whichever language it may be. And it is better that the names of the holy Prophet and Imams and Hazrat Fatima Zahra (peace be upon them) should also not be touched in that condition.
Entering Masjidul Haraam or Masjidun Nabi, even though it may be only passing from one gate and going out of another.
To stay or halt in all other Masjids, and similarly, on the basis of obligatory precaution, to stay in the shrines of the holy Imams. However, there is no harm if one crosses or traverses through a mosque, entering from one gate and exiting from another.
To enter a mosque with an intention of lifting away something or placing something in it.
To recite those verses of the holy Qur'an on the recitation of which performance of Sajdah becomes obligatory. These verses occur in four surahs of the holy Qur'an:
Surah Alif Lam Mim as-Sajdah, 32:15
Surah Ha Mim Sajdah, 41:38
Surah an-Najm, 53:62
Surah al 'Alaq, 96:19
Things which are Makrooh for Junub
362. * The following nine things are Makrooh for junub:
To eat
To drinkBut if the junub washes his or her face, hands and mouth, then eating or drinking in that state will not be Makrooh. And if he or she washes the hands only, then unworthiness of the acts is reduced.
To recite more than seven verses of the holy Qur'an other than those in which obligatory Sajdah occur.
To touch the cover, the margin or border of the holy Qur'an or the space between its lines, with any part of one's body.
To keep the holy Qur'an with oneself.
To sleep. But its would not be Makrooh to sleep if the person concerned performs wudhu or performs tayammum instead of Ghusl on account of non-availability of water.
To dye one's hair with henna etc
To apply oil on one's body.
To have sexual intercourse after Ihtelam (i.e. discharge of semen during sleep).
Ghusl for Janabat
363. * Ghusl for Janabat is obligatory for offering the daily prayers and other similar acts of worship. However, it is not obligatory for Namaz-e-Mayyit or for sajdatus sahv (prostrating on account of oversight) or sajdatush shukr' (prostration for thanksgiving) or for the obligatory Sajdah upon reciting the four particular verses of the holy Qur'an. (Rule no. 361)
364. * At the time of doing ghusl, it is not necessary to have in mind that one is performing an obligatory Ghusl. It is sufficient if one performs the Ghusl with the intention of Qurbat, i.e. complying with Allah's orders.
365. If a person who performs Ghusl with the niyyat of Wajib after having ascertained that the time of Namaz had set in, comes to know after performing the bath that it was performed before the time for prayers had set in, the bath would be correct and valid.
366. * There are two methods of performing Ghusls, both Wajib and Mustahab.
Tartibi (Sequential)
Irtimasi (By submerging the whole body).
367. * In this method, a person should first make a niyyat for Ghusl. Thereafter one should first wash one's head and neck, and thereafter the remaining parts of one's body. It is better that one washes the right part of the body first and then the left part.
And if a person, while standing under the water, jerks each of these parts on one's body with an intention of performing Tartibi Ghusl, it will not be sufficient and the precaution is that one should not content oneself with it.
And if a person washes the body before washing the head, either intentionally, or on account of forgetfulness or because of not knowing the rule, Ghusl is void.
368. * If a person washed the body before the head it will not be necessary to repeat the bath. What one has to do is to wash the body again and Ghusl will then be correct.
369. In order to ensure that both the parts (head, neck and remaining parts of the body) have been washed thoroughly one should, while washing a part, also include some portion of the other part with it.
370. After the Ghusl, if a person realises that certain parts of the body have been left out, not knowing which, it will not be necessary to wash the head again. One will wash only those parts of one's body which one feels had not been washed.
371. If one realises after Ghusl that one has not washed a certain part of the body it is sufficient to wash only that part if it is the left side. However, if that part is the right side then the recommended precaution is that after washing that part of the body one should wash the left side again. And if the unwashed part is that of head and neck one should, after washing that part, wash the body once again.
372. * If a person doubts before completing Ghusl whether one has washed a part on the left or right side it will be necessary to wash that part and if one doubts about having washed a part of the head and neck then, as an obligatory precaution, one would wash that part and then wash the right and the left side of the body again.
373. * Ghusl by way of Irtimasi is either carried out instantly or gradually. If the Ghusl of Irtimasi is to be done at one instance, then water must reach all parts of the body at one time. However, it is not necessary that the whole body be submerged in water from the very beginning of Ghusl. If a part of the body is outside, and is later submerged with the niyyat of Ghusl, it will be deemed in order.
374. If one wishes to perform Irtimasi Ghusl gradually, then it is necessary that the whole body is out of water before Ghusl commences. Then one would submerge one's body gradually in water with the intention of Ghusl.
375. If after performing Ghusl Irtimasi it becomes known that water has not reached some part of the body one should repeat the Ghusl, whether the part up to which water has not reached is determined or not.
376. If one does not have sufficient time for Tartibi, one should perform Ghusl by way of Irtimasi.
377. * A person who has put on Ihram for Hajj and Umrah is not allowed to perform Ghusl by way of Irtimasi. However, if one performs it forgetfully the Ghusl will be valid.
Rules About Ghusl
378. It is not necessary that the entire body of a person should be Pak before Irtimasi and Tartibi Ghusl. So, if the body becomes Pak while diving in water or pouring water over one's body with the intention of the Ghusl, the Ghusl will be in order.
379. If a person who entered the state of Janabat due to an unlawful act takes a bath with warm water, the Ghusl will be valid even though one may perspire at that time. But the recommended precaution is that such a person should do Ghusl with cold water.
380. While doing Ghusl, if a part of the body, however small, remains unwashed the Ghusl is invalid. But, it is not obligatory to wash the inside of the ear or nose and other places which are reckoned to be the interior of the body.
381. * If a person doubts whether a particular part of the body is to be treated as external or internal, it should be washed.
382. If the hole pierced for an earring and other similar objects is so wide that it is reckoned to be external, then it should be washed; otherwise it is not necessary to wash it.
383. All things which prevent water from reaching the body should be removed. If a person does Ghusl before ensuring that such obstacles have been removed, the Ghusl will be void.
384. At the time of Ghusl, if one doubts whether there is something on one's body which would prevent water from reaching the body, one should investigate and satisfy oneself that the obstacle is not there.
385. While doing Ghusl, one should wash the short hair which are taken as a part of the body. Washing of the long hair is not obligatory. However, if one makes water reach the skin in such a way that those long hair do not become wet, the Ghusl is in order. However, if it is not possible to make water reach the skin without washing those hair one should wash them so that water may reach the body.
386. All the conditions for the validity of Wudhu (e.g. the water being pure and not having been usurped) also apply to the validity of Ghusl. However, for Ghusl it is not necessary that the body be washed downwards from the head. Moreover, it is not necessary in Tartibi Ghusl to wash the body immediately after washing the head and the neck. There is no harm, therefore, if there is a lapse of some time after washing one's head and neck before washing one's body. It is not necessary that one should wash one's head, neck and body in one instance. However, if a person is incontinent, unable to retain urine or faeces except for such time that he could be able to offer prayers after Ghusl then he should do Ghusl at once and offer his prayers immediately thereafter.
387. If a person uses a public bath with an intention of deferring payment to its owner, without a prior consent of the owner, the Ghusl will be void even if the owner is later made to agree to the arrangement.
388. If the owner of the public bath is agreeable to the Ghusl being done on credit basis, but the person doing Ghusl intends not to pay the charges to him or to pay him from the money acquired illegally, the Ghusl will be void.
389. If a person pays to the owner of the public bath from the funds whose Khums (1/5 of the yearly profit see rule no. 1760) has not been paid, then such a person commits a sinful act, but the Ghusl will be valid, though the liability for khums remains.
390. If a person hires a public bath for Ghusl, but before commencing Ghusl, he or she carries out an extra function of making the anal part Pak with the same water of the public bath, and if it becomes doubtful whether the owner would agree to the Ghusl being taken, then the owner's consent must be sought before the Ghusl. Otherwise, the Ghusl will be void.
391. * When a person is in doubt whether he or she has done Ghusl or not, such a person must do Ghusl. However, if doubt arises in the mind after Ghusl as to whether Ghusl was correct or not, then there is no need to do Ghusl again.
392. * If one urinates or passes wind (or does any act which would invalidate the Wudhu) while doing the Ghusl, one does not have to abandon the Ghusl and start all over again. In fact, one can continue with the same Ghusl till completion. However, in this situation, one will have to do Wudhu also, as per obligatory precaution.
393. * A person who has very little time at his disposal before Qadha, should perform Tayammum instead of Ghusl. Yet, if such a person does Ghusl under the impression that there is sufficient time for Ghusl and offering prayers, the Ghusl will be valid, provided that it was done with the intention of complying with the orders of Allah, even if the Ghusl was done with a view to offering the prayers.
394. * If a person after being Junub doubts whether or not he or she did Ghusl, the prayers already offered during that period would be deemed valid. But for the later prayers, such a person should do the Ghusl. If any such act which would invalidate Wudhu is committed, like urinating or passing the wind, after the prayers, then it will be necessary to do Wudhu, and as an obligatory precaution, to repeat the prayers he had offered, if time permits.
395. A person who has more than one Ghusl to do can do one Ghusl with the niyyat of the rest. In fact, one Ghusl with its niyyat is enough to represent all others.
396. If a verse of the holy Qur'an or Name of the Almighty Allah is written or tattooed on the body of a person then such a person while doing Wudhu or Ghusl, will be required to pour water on that part without touching the writing.
397. A person who does Ghusl of Janabat should not do Wudhu for the prayers. In fact one can offer prayers without performing Wudhu after all Wajib Ghusls (except the bath for medium istihaza) as well as after Mustahab Ghusls (see rule no. 651). In the case of Mustahab Ghusls, however, it is better to do Wudhu as a recommended precaution.
9 : If after making Wudu, nail are clipped or bead skin of wound is scratched, then Wudu is not breached nor it is necessary to reach water again to those spots.
10: If after making Wudu one touches one's private part, then Wudu is not breached--- whether the person is male or female.
1 : During bath it is obligatory for a woman to pass water into the outer skin of vagina, otherwise bath will remain invalid. In the same way if a man has not been circumcised, then water should be passed into the skin which is not cut of during circumcision.
2 : Whether asleep or awake, if semen is discharged with excitement, bath becomes necessary no matter whether the person is man or women.
3 :if upon awakening, semen is found on clothes or the body, then also bath becomes necessary, whether there had been a wet dream or not.
Warning : In exuberance of youth, the liquid which comes out of excitement and which enhance excitement instead of cooling it, is called madih; and that which comes out after full enjoyment is called 'semen'. Moreover, 'medhi' is thinner, while semen is thicker. So only passing of the 'madhi' does not make bath necessary but Wudu is certainly breached.
4 : If the top of the male organ (penis) enters vagina and becomes invisible, bath becomes necessary for bath, whether semen is discharged or not, Insertion of penis into back organ also makes bath necessary. But it is a major sin to do so in the back organ.
5 : If the top of the male organ has undergone incision, the organ up to the length of the top makes bath necessary, whether semen is discharged or not.
6 : If the male organ is inserted into the private part of an animal or a dead person or a minor girl who is not fit for sexual intercourse. then bath will not be necessary without discharge of semen.
7 : The blood which comes out of the vagina of a women every month, is called 'Menses' . When menses stops, bath becomes obligatory. The blood which comes out after child-birth is called 'Nifas'. When it (nifas) stops, then also bath becomes obligatory. In short, four cases make bath bath obligatory (1) Seminal discharge whit excitement (2) Insertion of the top of the male organ and when (3) menses and (4) nifas (after birth discharge) stop.
8 : If a man undulges in sexual intercourse with a minor girl who has not yet attained her puberty, bath is not necessary for her, but in order to make her used to take bath, such may be made to take bath.
9 : If during sleep, a woman drams of having sexual intercourse with a man or a man dreamt of heaving sexual intercourse with woman an also had a taste of it, but on waking up found no seminal discharge, then bath is not necessary. But in case if seminal discharge, bath becomes compulsory. Moreover, if (on waking up), one finds his or her clothes of body a little wet, but thinks it to be ' Madhi' and not semen, then also bath is compulsory whether man or women.
10: If after bath, semen of the husband comes out of the vagina of the woman, the bath remains valid; repetition of bath is not necessary.
11: If after a little seminal discharge, a woman takes bath but after taking bath, a little more semen comes out, then repetition of bath is compulsory. It should be considered at this point that if semen is discharged with excitement and in such a case some quantity of the semen comes out and rest remains inside and comes after birth, only then repetition of bath becomes compulsory. But if after taking bath, fresh semen comes out without excitement, then repetition of bath is not compulsory. This is the rule for the compulsory repetition of bath but since it is difficult to know that the semen coming out without excitement is former or fresh, so the Muslim Jurists taking recourse to their authority has decided that the semen which comes out before walking forty or fifty steps of before sleeping and before passing urine, belongs to former state and so one should repeat the bath; but if semen comes out after a lot of walking or after sleeping or after passing urine without any excitement, then the semen is fresh, and if it comes out again, repetition of bath is not compulsory,
12: If on account of some illness of loadings or falling form a raised spot, semen comes out without excitement, then the semen is fresh and so repetition of bath is not compulsory but Wudu (ablution) will certainly become invalid.
13: If husband and wife were sleeping on the same bad and on waking up found certain stains of semen on clothes but neither of them remembers to have a wet-dream, precaution demands that bath should take a bath because nobody knows as to whose semen is this.
14: If a non-believer accepts Islam, then it is desirable for him or her to take a bath. But if during the state of infidelity her or she had made bath obligatory from him or her and had not taken a bath or had taken a bath but not according to religious code, then the bath is obligatory for him or her.
15: One who gives bath to a dead body, it is desirable for him to take a bath.
16: If One, for whom bath has become compulsory, wants to eat and drink something before taking a bath, then her or she should first wash his or her hands and mouth and rinse the mouth. If one eats or drinks without doing so, her or she is not supposed to have committed any sin.
17: One who needs a bath, is forbidden form touching or reciting the Holy Qur'an or entering a mosque.
18: If the semen is discharged with excitement but the person stops its release by putting finger etc. on the hole and the semen come out when excitement is over, then also bath becomes obligatory.
19: If any man's circumcision has not been done and his semen comes out but sticks in the superfluous skin which is cut-off in circumcision, then bath will become obligatory for him.
20: If a man has undergone castration and he enters the to of his penis onto the vagina of a women, then also bath will become obligatory for bath of them.
21: If anyone is suffering from spermation and semen continues to come out, bath is not obligatory for him. But if the sufferer has a seminal discharge with excitement, then bath will become obligatory.
22: If a man enters his penis onto the navel or thigh of a women or man and semen is not discharged, then bath will not be obligatory.
23: If a man or a women has a wet dream, but on waking up has no trace of wetness or semen, then bath is not compulsory, even if there was taste of discharge in dream.
24: If a women puts medicine in her vagina or makes anybody else to do so, bath is not obligatory for her.
25: One who needs a bath, touching of the Holy Qur'an or reciting it or entering a Mosque is not forbidden for him; but reciting of Allah's name and 'Kalimah" (words of Allah) and Darood (Blessing upon the Holy Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam) is valid and other such 'rules' will Insha-Allah (Allah willing) be described in the chapter on 'Menses".
26: To touch Books of Commentaries (on the Holy Qur'an) with out Wudu is disapproved; and to touch the Holy Qur'an with translation is quite prohibited.
27: If anyone has slept on such a bad which had semen in dried from and the bed became wet due to this or her sweat, then if the wet bed does not leave any trace on his or her body, her or she is not unclean.
28: After passing urine or stool, Istinja ( cleaning the private parts after natural evacuation) with clod of earth is enough, provided the pollution is not spread to the sides of the organ. If it has spread to the sides of the organ, it is essential to clean it with water as well; and if the pollution has spread up to one 'dirham' (small silver coin) Istinja is compulsory.
29: The method of performing Istinja after passing urine is the one should hold his penis with the left hand and take clod of earth in his right hand and make it dry till the period one is quite satisfied that drops of urine were no longer to come out; and according to some others, one should perform Istinja by walking a few steps or by wrapping his right with left leg so that any drop. if left stuck, should come out. In short, if one is satisfied that the pollution inside the hole has come out, Istinga becomes proper. After this, cleaning also with water is better. If urine has spread over the top of the penis, it is compulsory to get it washed.
30: If after passing urine, One performed 'Istinja' with cold of earth, and not with water and while making Wudu one did not remember to perform 'Istinja' with water and did remember after making Wudu that he had not performed 'Istinja' with water then he should perform 'Istinha' with water as and when he recalls it. In case, one recalls during prayer that he has not performed 'Istinja' with water, and if he thinks that pollution over the top of the penis was not up to the size of a 'Dirham', then he should offer prayer and that prayer will be quite valid. But if he is sure that the pollution was spread over the top of the penis, then he should perform 'Istinja' after breaking his prayers. Similarly, if one recollects after offering prayer that he had not performed 'Istinja' with water, then, if he is sure that the pollution had spread about the size of one 'Dirham' then he should again perform. 'Isitnja' and repeat his prayer. But if he is sour that what to speak of a 'Dirham' the pollution would have hardly spread upto the size of a grain of rice or two, repetition of prayer is not at all necessary.
31: A women suffering from 'Istehazh' (prolonged morbid menstruation) should compulsorily perform 'Istinja' for every prayer.
32: If someone suffers form Bright's disease (liquid coming from the private part of body), then the person should perform 'Istanja' at the time of offering every prayer and washing of the portion of the clothes which is supposed to be affected from the 'drops' is compulsory of that 'tahband' ( sheet meant to cover lower part of the body) or trousers should be changed.
33: Of anybody's left hand is crippled or cut off and there is none to pour water, then 'Istinja' with water is not necessary, only clod of earth s enough; and is he has control over the running water, he should perform 'Istinja' with the right hand.
34: If a patient has no wife or mid-servant and has a son or brother, then in case of his being unable to perform 'Wudu' then he can perform Wudu with the help of his son or brother. But 'Istinja' cane not be performed with the help of others, because none else can touch the penis of others. So 'Istinja' will become null and void for him. In the same way, if a female patient has no husband, her daughter of sister can help her perform 'Wudu', but they also should not help in performing 'Istinja' because they cane not touch private part. So 'Istinja' in null and void for that woman as well.
35: It is disapproved to pass urine in standing position or lying state or after being naked. If there is no way out, there is no harm.
Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate. How common is it? In the US, over 1 million patients visits per year are for prostatitis. The following information will answer some of your questions on prostatitis, as well as those about the prostate itself—where it is, what is does.
WHAT IS THE PROSTATE AND WHAT DOES IT DO?The prostate is a gland of the male reproductive system. It is located in front of the rectum and just below the bladder, the organ that stores urine. The prostate is quite small—it weighs only about an ounce—and is nearly the same size and shape as a walnut. As shown below, the prostate wraps around a tube called the urethra, which carries urine from the bladder out through the tip of the penis.
The prostate is made up largely of muscular and glandular tissues. Its main function is to produce fluid for semen, which transports sperm. During the male orgasm (climax), muscular contractions squeeze the prostate’s fluid into the urethra. Sperm, which are produced in the testicles, are also propelled into the urethra during orgasm. The sperm-containing semen leaves the penis during ejaculation.
TYPES OF PROSTATITISThere are three types of prostatitis-type presentations:
bacterial prostatitis (acute or chronic) ~ 5%
non-bacterial prostatitis ~ 65%
prostatdynia 30%
Acute bacterial prostatitis is caused by bacteria and is treated with antibiotics. Acute bacterial prostatitis comes on suddenly, and its symptoms—including chills and fever—are severe. Therefore, a visit to your doctor’s office or the emergency room is essential, and hospitalization is frequently required. Chronic bacterial prostatitis is also caused by bacteria and requires antibiotics. Unlike an acute prostate infection, the only symptoms of chronic bacterial prostatitis may be recurring bacterial cystitis (bladder infection).
Nonbacterial prostatitis is not caused by bacteria—its cause is not known. However, the prostate is inflamed and prostate massage specimens, semen and urine may have increased numbers of white blood cells (pus cells) when studied under the microscope. Antimicrobial medications are not effective for this type of prostatitis. Treatments, described later, may be helpful in some cases.
Prostadynia has all the symptoms of prostatitis. However, no bacteria are found on cultures and urine, prostate massage specimens and semen have no white blood cells when examined under the microscope. We have no idea why prostadynia exists, nor do we have an effective cure. Antibiotics are not effective for prostadynia.
Note: The ‘itis’ at the end of prostatitis denotes inflammation. Inflammation usually denotes white blood cells or pus cells. Therefore, technically speaking, prostadynia is not truly prostatitis. We add it to the list because the symptoms and treatment are identical to nonbacterial prostatitis.
HOW DOES BACTERIAL PROSTATITIS DEVELOP?Despite their names, acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis are not contagious and are not considered to be sexually transmitted diseases. Your sexual partner cannot catch this infection from you.
How then did you get it? The way in which the prostate becomes infected is not clearly understood. The bacteria that cause prostatitis may get into the prostate from the urethra by backward flow of infected urine into the prostate ducts or from rectal bacteria.
Certain conditions or medical procedures increase the risk of contracting prostatitis. You are at higher risk for getting prostatitis if you:
recently have had a medical instrument, such as a urinary catheter (a soft, lubricated tube used to drain urine from the bladder) inserted during a medical procedure
engage in rectal intercourse
have abnormal urinary tract anatomy (congenital defect)
have had a recent bladder infection
have an enlarged prostate
WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF PROSTATITIS?The symptoms of prostatitis depend on the type of disease you have. You may experience no symptoms or symptoms so sudden and severe that they cause you to seek emergency medical care. Symptoms, when present, can include any of the following: fever, chills, urinary frequency, frequent urination at night, difficulty urinating, burning or painful urination, perineal (referring to the perineum, the area between the scrotum and the anus) and low-back pain, joint or muscle pain, tender or swollen prostate, blood in the urine, or painful ejaculation.
ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF PROSTATITIS UNIQUE?The symptoms of prostatitis resemble those of other infections or prostate diseases. Thus, even if the symptoms disappear, you should have your prostate checked. For example, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a noncancerous enlargement of the prostate that is common in men over age 40, may produce urinary tract symptoms similar to those experienced with prostatitis.
Similarly, urethritis, an inflammation of the urethra (often caused by an infection), may also give rise to many of the symptoms associated with prostatitis.
Still another condition that mimics the symptoms of prostatitis—when prostatitis is not present—is prostadynia (painful prostate). Patients with prostadynia have pain in the pelvis or in the perineum. Such pain may result from a prostate problem, but the pain can have a variety of different causes including muscle spasms or other musculoskeletal conditions.
Yet another term we may mention in discussing your prostate problem is prostatosis, a more vague word, which simply means "a condition of the prostate." It might be interchangeable with prostadynia.
Because of the connections between the urethra, the bladder, and the prostate, conditions affecting one or the other often have similar or overlapping symptoms.
HOW IS PROSTATITIS DIAGNOSED?To help make an accurate diagnosis, several types of examinations are useful.
The prostate is an internal organ, so the physician cannot look at it directly. Because the prostate lies in front of the rectum, just inside the anus, the doctor can feel it by inserting a gloved, lubricated finger into the rectum.
This simple procedure, called a digital rectal examination ( or just ‘rectal’), allows the physician to estimate whether the prostate is enlarged or has lumps or other areas of abnormal texture. While this examination may produce momentary discomfort, it causes neither damage nor significant pain.
Because this examination is essential in detecting early prostate cancer, which is often without symptoms, the American Urological Association recommends a yearly prostate examination for every man over age 40 and an immediate examination for any man who develops persistent urinary symptoms.
The test that must be performed when prostatitis is suspected is prostate massaging, during which prostatic fluid is collected. While performing the digital rectal examination, your doctor may vigorously massage the prostate to force prostatic fluid out of the gland and into the urethra. Although prostate massage is not comfortable, we need to be able to examine the fluid to accurately diagnose your condition. If no fluid is expressed after massage, we may ask you to give us another urine specimen so that we might be able to examine the washout of the prostate channel from the first part of urination. For this urine specimen we do not want the middle of the stream, but the first few teaspoons that are urinated. The prostatic fluid is then analyzed under a microscope for signs of inflammation and infection.
When the diagnosis of prostatitis is not clear we will do a three glass urine collection with prostate massage. The three-glass urine collection method with prostate massage is used to separately measure the presence of white blood cells and bacteria in the urine and prostatic fluid. You will be asked to collect two urine samples separately: the first ounce of the urine you void (urine from your urethra) and then another sample of flowing, midstream urine (urine from your bladder). You will then almost empty your bladder by urinating into the toilet. At this point, your doctor will massage your prostate (prostatic fluid) and collect on a slide any secretions that appear. If no fluid is retrieved from the massage (about 50% of the time) you will then collect in a third container the first ounce of urine that remains in your bladder. All of these specimens will be examined and cultured separately.
Examination of these samples will help your physician determine whether your problem is an inflammation or an infection and whether the problem is in your urethra, bladder, or prostate. If an infection is present, your doctor will also be able to identify the type of bacteria involved so that the most effective antibiotics can be prescribed.
HOW ABOUT INFECTIONS CAUSED BY VIRUSES?Unfortunately, many type of organisms other than bacteria can cause infections or inflammations. Viruses are the best known agents of infections, but other types of organisms also exist that may be linked to infections of various parts of the body. Organisms that we have tried to link to prostatitis include chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, herpes simplex, cytomegalovirus, adenovirus, and trachoma. None of the studies done on prostatitis have shown these agents, some of which are viruses, to be present any more in patients with prostatitis than those without prostatitis. We do not have any effective treatment for viral infections.
HOW DO I KNOW WHICH TYPE OF PROSTATITIS I HAVE?Acute bacterial prostatitis is the easiest of the three conditions to diagnose because it comes on suddenly and the symptoms require quick medical attention. Not only will you have urinary problems, but you may also have a fever and pain and, occasionally visible blood in your urine. Your urine may be cloudy and microscopic examination of the urine specimen will be loaded with white blood cells and bacteria.
Chronic bacterial prostatitis is associated with repeated urinary tract infections, while nonbacterial prostatitis is not. In fact, if you do not have a urinary tract infection or a history of one, you probably do not have chronic bacterial prostatitis. Other symptoms, if any, may include urinary problems such as the need to urinate frequently, a sense of urgency, burning or painful urination, and possibly perineal and low-back pain. Microscopic examination of the urine specimen will be loaded with white blood cells and bacteria.
Nonbacterial prostatitis is more common than bacterial prostatitis. It may cause no symptoms, or its symptoms may mimic those of chronic bacterial prostatitis. If you have nonbacterial prostatitis, however, it is unlikely that you will have urinary tract infections. On occasion we will find patients developing prostatitis from lack of sexual activity. This is called ‘congestive prostatitis’ and suggests that lack of ejaculation cause the semen to stay in the prostate too long and cause inflammation. Conversely, men who ejaculate too frequently can develop an ‘exhaustive’ or ‘overuse’ prostatitis. A sexual history is an integral part of each man’s evaluation.
WHY IS CORRECT DIAGNOSIS SO IMPORTANT?Because the treatment is different for the three types of prostatitis, the correct diagnosis is very important. Nonbacterial prostatitis will not clear up with antibiotics, and bacterial prostatitis will not go away without such treatment.
In addition, it is important to make sure that your symptoms are not caused by urethritis or some other condition that may lead to permanent bladder or kidney damage.
HOW IS PROSTATITIS TREATED?Your treatment depends on the type of prostatitis you have.
If you have acute bacterial prostatitis, you will usually need to take antibiotics for 7 to 14 days. Almost all acute infections can be cured with this treatment. Analgesic drugs to relieve pain or discomfort and, at times, hospitalization may also be required.
If you have chronic bacterial prostatitis, you will require antibiotics for a longer period of time—usually 4 to 12 weeks. About 60 percent of all cases of chronic bacterial prostatitis clear up with this treatment. For cases that don’t respond to this treatment, long-term, low-dose anti-microbial therapy may be recommended to relieve the symptoms. In some cases, surgical removal of the infected portions of the prostate may be advised.
The biggest difficulty with treatment is with the nonbacterial prostatitis and prostadynia groups. Since we have no real explanation of why these diseases exist, the treatments are more aimed at lessening symptoms rather than curing the disease.
We do know however, that if you have nonbacterial prostatitis, you do not need antibiotics. Most patients when presenting with nonbacterial prostatitis will have already had several courses of antibiotics before they get to a urologist. These drugs have usually been given before the cultures has returned. Since bacterial prostatitis is curable with antibiotics, and technically the cultures could miss an infection, a trial of drugs, even if the culture shows no growth, may be warranted. One major problem that arises is the variability of nonbacterial prostatitis to cause symptoms. As the disease waxes and wanes normally, patients can be misled to believe that the antibiotics are really helping their problem. When the drug doesn’t work, the patient then believes that they have become resistant and want to try yet another drug. Sometimes after countless visits to the doctors and hundreds of dollars of medication, the problem still exists and the cultures, done over and over, still show no growth of any bacteria.
What does help? Again the treatment is aimed more at reducing symptoms rather than curing them. The non-bacterial prostatitis will come and go - good months and bad months. All we can do is try to moderate the symptoms of the disease.
Hot baths are helpful for almost all men with prostatitis of any kind. These are often referred to as sitz baths and the warm water and relaxation of the bath soothe the prostate and relieves symptoms.
Drinking plenty of water helps. This dilutes the acidity and salt in the urine and dilutes any irritants that you might eat (caffeine, cranberry, citrus acid, peppers and spices, etc).
For those patients with difficulty urinating or a slow stream, we can use drugs to relax the muscles of the sphincter area (sphincters are the muscular valves that hold the urine in the bladder—which is why we are not wet all the time!!). These drugs are called ‘alpha blockers’.
For those patients who have urgency and frequency of urination, we can use medications to relax the muscles that surround the bladder to make it less sensitive. These drugs are referred to as ‘parasympathetic blockers’. If the patient ingests large amount of irritating foods, we might modulate his diet. Major culprits are acidy foods such as cranberry, cola, and coffee. Alcohol and spicy foods are also irritating to the prostate.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications may also be helpful. Ibuprofen and naproxen, both available over-the-counter now, along with stronger prescription anti-inflammatories may be of some benefit.
Stress management may also be helpful in those men who feels that their symptoms are worsened at times of stress. Relaxation and quiet and a peaceful meal can often help when ‘stressed out’.
Many men with prostatitis stop having sexual relations because of fear of transmitting disease to their partner. Some men stop having sex because they are depressed. Prostatitis cannot be transmitted. We encourage men to maintain a normal sex life. The amount of sex we recommend is based on one’s usual sexual patterns. If you are ejaculating rarely and we feel that congestive prostatitis is possiblly present, we would recommend ejaculating perhaps one to three times a week. Masturbation is OK. In those men who might have overuse prostatitis, we sometimes recommend less sexual activity.
Experimental use of microwave therapy has been reported as an effective treatment for non-bacterial prostatitis. This technology is referred to as transurethral microwave therapy or TUMT. In one technique, a microwave probe is placed into the prostate channel through the penis using a catheter or soft rubber tube. Another technique is placing the microwave probe next to the prostate through the rectum. The prostate is heated gently at various intervals. The probe placed though the penis has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of enlarged prostates, but not yet for the treatment of prostatitis.
You may find that tub baths or changes in your diet may help to alleviate your symptoms. While there is no scientific evidence proving that these "home remedies" are effective, they are not harmful and some people experience relief from symptoms while using them.
WILL PROSTATITIS AFFECT ME OR MY LIFESTYLE?Prostatitis is a treatable disease. Even if the problem cannot be cured, you can usually get relief from your symptoms by following the recommended treatment.
Prostatitis is not a contagious disease. You can live your life normally and continue sexual relations without passing it on.
You should keep in mind the following ideas:
Correct diagnosis is key to management of prostatitis.
Treatment should be followed even if you have no symptoms.
WILL I GET PROSTATE CANCER FROM HAVING PROSTATITIS?No association between prostatitis and prostate cancer has been established. However, the screening tests that we now use for prostate cancer include the prostate specific antigen (PSA), digital rectal examinations and prostatic ultrasound. All three can be skewed by the presence of prostatitis.
The PSA levels can be falsely elevated by prostatitis. If a patient has an elevated PSA, along with finding of prostatitis, we encourage treatment and a repeat of the blood tests. Many patients with chronic prostatitis will undergo prostate biopsies because their PSA values are too high. The biopsy is necessary as we cannot tell prostatitis from prostate cancer in many cases.
Having prostatitis does not increase your risk of getting any other prostate disease. But remember, even if your prostatitis is cured, there are other prostate conditions, such as prostate cancer, that require prostate checkups at least once a year after age 40.
This information is modified from information provided by the Prostate Health Council c/o American Foundation for Urologic Disease, Inc. For more information call 1-800-242-2383.
SPERMATORRHEA—1 (Nocturnal Emission)
SYMPTOMS—Involuntary loss of semen, without orgasm, often while asleep.
CAUSES AND TREATMENT—The male generative organs, the testes, must remain somewhat cooler than body temperature. When they become overheated (by taking a hot tub bath), a release of sperm will be made in the night, since that supply of sperm has become damaged.
If you sleep too warm at night, due to an electric sleeping blanket set on high, the overheated testicles will eject sperm the next day.
Another cause is visual or thought sexual stimulation. A poor diet is another cause.
A low-protein diet, free from the use of eggs may also prove of benefit.
—Also see "Spermatorrhea—2."
ENCOURAGEMENT—Pray with unshaken faith and trust. The Angel of the covenant, even our Lord Jesus Christ, is the Mediator who secures the acceptance of the prayers of His believing ones. God can give you the help you need.
SPERMATORRHEA—2 (J.H. Kellogg, M.D., Formulas)
BASIC—Graduated cold applications, to improve general conditions.
GENERAL NERVOUS IRRITABILITY—Prolonged Neutral Bath at night.
IRRITABLE PROSTATE, IRRITABLE URETHRA—Prolonged Neutral Sitz Bath, 30-60 minutes, at bedtime; Revulsive Douche to perineum with little pressure; tepid Colonic at 800 F.
RELAXED EJACULATORY DUCTS—Rubbing Cold Sitz Bath; cold or alternate hot and cold Colonic; Cold Douche to feet and legs; Cold percussion Douche to lower spine. Bowels must be kept regular by the Cool Enema, if necessary, and proper diet. An aseptic dietary is essential. Condiments must be strictly avoided.
CAUTION—When losses are frequent or parts irritable, avoid Cold Sitz Baths and prolonged Hot Baths.
—Also see "Spermatorrhea—1."
PROSTATE DISORDERS (Prostatitis; Enlarged Prostate, Prostate Hypertrophy; Prostate Cancer)
SYMPTOMS—Pain on urination, frequent urination, urine retention, often a fever. There may be a discharge.
Acute prostatitis: fever, frequent and burning urination, pain between the scrotum and rectum, a feeling of fullness in the bladder, pus or blood in the urine.
Chronic prostatitis: frequent and burning urination, blood in the urine, lower back pain, impotence (inability to copulate).
Gradually, urination becomes still more difficult.
CAUSES—The prostate is a doughnut-shaped male reproductive gland. It is under the urinary bladder, and surrounds the urinary tube (urethra).
Muscles located within the prostate squeeze prostatic fluid into the urethral tract during ejaculation. Most of the semen consists of this fluid, which provides nourishment and protection for the sperm.
There are three primary prostatic problems:
Prostatitis: This is inflammation of the prostate gland, is common in men of all ages, and is the most frequent type of prostate problem.
The inflammation tends to block off the urine flow (urine retention), and this causes bacteria to build up. Sometimes hormonal changes, from aging, may be a contributing factor.
When urine retention results, the bladder becomes distended, weak, tender, and liable to infection. Infection can easily pass up the ureters to the kidneys.
Enlarged prostate: This is also called benign prostatic hypertrophy. It is the gradual enlargement of the prostate, and occurs in half of all men over 50, and three-fourths of men over 70. It is probably the most common infirmity of aging in the human male. More than 500,000 American men are afflicted each year.
It is believed that, with age, testosterone production and levels decrease, and certain other hormones (prolactin and estradiol) increase. This results in more of a powerful form of testosterone, called dihydrotestosterone. This hormone causes an overproduction (hyperplasia) of prostate cells—and that causes the prostate gland to become larger. As it does, it eventually tends to pinch upon the urethra, and interfere with the flow of urine.
As a result, neither the bladder nor kidneys empty fully. This produces pressure which can damage them. Urination becomes more frequent. It flows more slowly, and there may be difficulty in starting and stopping the flow. Sometimes there is blood in the urine.
Here is how to check your own prostate:
The prostate can be felt (palpated) with the gloved finger. If you are going to do this effectively, you would need to examine it monthly. The normal prostate is firm like an orange and about the size of a walnut. You would reach into the rectum, to carry out this examination. The prostate is found at a depth in the rectum that is just comfortably in reach of the index finger. An acute case of enlargement may be hard while a chronic enlargement may be boggy. Tumors, either benign or malignant tend to be irregular and nodular.
Prostatic cancer: An enlarged prostate can become cancerous; but, fortunately, it always proceeds very, very, slowly. So slowly, in fact, that an operation to remove the prostate, because of cancer, is generally not needed. This is because, before the man is likely to die of prostate cancer, he is quite aged and dies of something else first. But, of course, you will want to consult your medical specialist.
The suggestions below are for prostate problems, in general. For more information on home care, in those instances in which cancer is present, see "Cancer."
Vasectomy, for sterilization, has been linked to prostate disorders and even cancer.
• Avoid sexual stimulation without a natural conclusion (an orgasm). Continued stimulation leads to a prolonged engorgement. This is not good for the prostate.
• Avoiding sexual activity entirely is the best way to care for your prostate in the older years.
• Maintain optimal physical and emotional health. Avoid that which is sexually stimulating.
• Regular exercise outdoors in the open air is important. Walking for an hour or two every day is excellent.
• Riding bicycles, motorcycles, or horses may injure the perineum, resulting in congestion of the prostate.
• Avoid exposure to dampness or cold.
• Avoid constipation. This is important.
• Do not sit for hours on padded seats in cold places (such as buses, trains, etc.). Whenever possible, sit on a hard chair. This reduces compression.
• Increase fluid intake, in order to flush the kidneys and bladder of toxins and bacteria.
• Do not let the bladder become too full. Urinate as quickly as possible, when the urge comes. Try to completely empty the bladder each time.
• Do not eat junk food, fried food, caffeine, spices, chocolate, nuts (especially cashews), or drink alcohol or use nicotine.
• Eat a nourishing diet, including vitamin/mineral supplementation, especially zinc.
• The diets of those who have prostate trouble are usually low in essential fatty acids (flaxseed oil and wheat germ oil are the best). Never heat these oils.
• Treat it with zinc (50 mg, three times a day), essential fatty acids (flaxseed oil, 1 teaspoon, three times a day), and a high-fiber diet which includes pumpkin seeds and alfalfa. Vitamin A (as beta-carotene, 300,000 IU a day), vitamin C to bowel tolerance, chlorophyll (as alfalfa), selenium (250 mcg, three times a day), amino acids (alanine, glycine, and glutamic acid; 5 grams each, daily for 90 days), and cranberry juice (2 pints a day).
• Many medicinal drugs, including pilocarpine, irritate the prostate.
• When there is an acute condition, take hot sitz baths daily and add chamomile tea to the water.
• Also helpful is a short cold bath.
• A high charcoal and water enema helps the healing process. Use 1 cup of hot water to 1 teaspoon of powdered charcoal. Allow it to remain as long as possible.
• In order to increase circulation in the area, lay flat on your back on the floor. Then swing one leg across the other till the knee touches the floor and vice versa. Do this as many times as you can, and eventually bring it up to 50 repetitions at a time.
• Helpful herbs include echinacea and goldenseal, for bactericide. Horsetail, combined with hydrangea, helps contract the prostate. Saw palmetto and cayenne are also useful.
—Also see "Prostatitis" and "Prostate Cancer."
ENCOURAGEMENT—Cling to God with all your heart, and He will guide you aright. You need His help every moment. Trust and obey His Written Word.
PROSTATITIS (J.H. Kellogg, M.D., Formulas)
BASIC APPLICATIONS—Revulsive Sitz Bath; Hot Colonic; Neutral Sitz Bath, for 30-60 seconds; Cold Mitten Friction.
PAIN—Revulsive Sitz Bath; Fomentation or the Revulsive Douche to perineum, with little pressure; Colonic in chronic cases. Hot Enema, when bowels are constipated.
CHRONIC ENLARGEMENT WITH INDURATION—Good results often follow the use of the following measures: alternate hot and cold Colonic; Shallow Cold Rubbing Sitz Bath, for 4-8 minutes; cold pelvic pack (Wet Sheet Pack over pelvic area) with Hot Leg Pack; massage of prostate; graduated tonic baths; ice bag to perineum, with Hot Hip and Leg Pack for 15-30 minutes.
CAUTIONS—When pain is present, avoid general cold baths, cold Sitz Baths, Cold Footbaths, and chilling of feet. Absolute sexual continence is essential.
BASIC POINTS—Rest in bed; elevation of scrotum upon a tense broad band of cloth, placed about the thighs close to hips; Hot Pelvic Pack or Hot Hip Pack with Cold Compress over genitals, every 3 hours. During intervals, Compress at 600 F. over perineum, genitals, and over stomach, with heat to feet. Tepid Enema, twice daily; Cold Mitten Friction or Cold Towel Rub, twice a day; prolonged Neutral Bath or Neutral Pack to control temperature, if necessary.
SYMPTOMS—Progressive wasting and shriveling of the testes.
CAUSES—This condition is not uncommon in aging men. It can also follow an episode of mumps.
Testicular atrophy may result in lessened sexual drive and possible feminization.
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